5 Most Popular Mobile Games 2023

No one has had to leave the house for exciting games of chance for a long time. Nowadays, people play and gamble online with their smartphone or tablet. Both devices have become an indispensable part of everyday life and there is hardly anyone who leaves home without a cell phone. There is always time for an up-to-date look at the cell phone.

Worldwide, there are more than 2.4 billion smartphone owners, of which around 58.86 percent are Android players using the popular mobile games.

And the number is growing every day. Therefore, it is no wonder that software developers and gambling providers naturally follow the habits of users. Nowadays, there is a suitable provider and app for every type of Manitoba Online Casino.

More than half of the gaming industry’s revenue comes from mobile games. Competitive mobile games are often free, but their popularity helps to increase sales of in-game assets. Mobile gaming is a fast-growing industry supported by fan communities, esports teams, and video game conferences and events. The sphere attracts players who want to get into esports, people who like to spend time playing games and brands looking for a platform for promotion. Just like multiplayer games for PC, competitive mobile games allow you to play online with different people around the world.

Mobile games are the best way to fuel your morale with a real victory. There are many genres, among which everyone can find a game to their liking. Every cell phone or tablet owner gambles and bets in between – and it doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling, in the waiting room, or on the train. The number of users who prefer to enter an online casino with their cell phone or tablet increases every day. This is the perfect way to bridge waiting times, and while traveling you can also keep up to date with the most important offers and promotions from your gaming provider.

While the vast majority of gamers play just for fun, some players go on stage to compete for prize pools. Mobile eSports are not as popular as the regular ones. However, the biggest games offer rewards ranging from a few thousand dollars to several million.

For example, the total prize pool of PUBG Global Championship 2023 is $4 340 000. In addition to winning, other achievements are also rewarded. The most impressive team received $20,000. The event lasts about a month. It involves 32 best teams.

As a competitive game, Arena of Valor offers regional tournaments on several continents, as well as several world championships. Arena of Valor International Championship 2023 has collected 16,473,220 hours of viewing and distributed a prize pool of one million dollars.

1. Puzzle

Source: maketecheasier.com

More than half of all smartphone users play puzzles – among them are mainly female players. Angry Birds, Tetris or Candy Crush are extremely popular because these types of puzzle games are easy to understand, but still tricky to solve. They require logic and quick thinking, and they can be operated very briskly with the fingers (unlike shooters and racing games): Just tap or swipe from time to time.

2. Arcade

Arcade games are booming on smartphones and tablets these days. They have been around since the golden arcade days of video slots in the 70’s. They are not too complex in design and work very simply and straightforwardly. Arcade mode games differ from the normal game mode by fast, skillful game play. Here it’s purely about the fun of the game without regard to the story or other elements such as puzzling in a quest.

3. Casino and Slots

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Casino games and especially slots are hard to beat in popularity. This is because online casinos offer players generous bonus offers and allow free slot games. With bonus and free spins, best winnings can be achieved, sometimes even without having to make a deposit. In addition, all games in an online casino can be played with a cell phone or tablet, as well as offline.

The advantage of casino games with a mobile device over the desktop version is obvious: everyone has the cell phone with them always and everywhere. Therefore, it can also be used to play anytime and anywhere. All functions of an online casino can also be used on the move: Deposits and withdrawals, accepting bonus offers or free spins or managing the account.

4. Action

The exciting action games for the mobile devices offer fighter simulators, realistic 3D flight simulators with fighter jets, all kinds of weapons as well as all kinds of avatars and lots of live action. Cyberika by Kefir is a brand new action RPG that will probably please any genre fan. The free game is packed with stylish but also freaky punks, battle robots and cyber ninjas. Hero Hunters (Hothead Game) is also just as action-packed a shooter as Guns of Boom.

5. Strategic games

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The advantage of strategic games is that this genre is optimally designed for cell phones and tablets. Popular games are Clash Royale, Rise of Kingdoms, State of Survival or The Battle of Polytopia. Real-time strategy games such as the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre can also be played on mobile. They allow players to take control of a single hero in the game. Namely, each of them has certain abilities that they can implement to defeat their opponents. At least two teams compete against each other within a map, and in some mobas the goal is to destroy the opponents’ base or eliminate the opposing MOBA team.


The gaming year 2023 will definitely not be boring – especially when it comes to mobile games. Hundreds of new games in all kinds of genres will be released here on a weekly and monthly basis. Whether battle, strategy, action, puzzle or arcade games, everyone will get their money’s worth, and everyone will find their type of player in the offerings. The same goes for the many online casinos that constantly offer new unique and exciting games, as well as new attractive bonuses to generate the best winnings.